Thursday, January 13, 2005

Some photos for y'all

Hi folks, I've got some photos for you to look at finally - I went to Walmart and downloaded them from my camera to a CD, and have managed to find a library with a computer that has a CD drive. So with the wonders of technology you can see a few of my pix.

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Had a great ride today, passed through Del Rio, Texas, where I managed to find a great bike shop and treated myself to a new pair of tyres and inner tubes. They're Specialized Nimbus tyres, which they claim to be pretty much puncture resistant. But I'll believe that when I see it. I'd got 3 punctures in the last two days and was getting really sick of it - I guess my old ones had had it after the previous 1000 miles. Today was also good because I had a fantastic tail wind all day, covered 80 miles with no bother at all.

Yesterday was pretty horrible though - fog for the first two hours. When it cleared I realised I'd not missed much at all. It was really dull rolling ranch/desert with absolutely nothing to look at. And I had a head wind all day, so the going was really tough. One thing I'd been looking forward to a little was the Judge Roy Bean museum ( a mad old western judge) but it was really dull. The day improved slightly in the last 10 miles as the wind turned to a tailwind and I crossed a beautiful gorge, but then I got a puncture and had to limp the last couple of miles to the campsite where I spent the remaining half hour of daylight repairing the puncture instead of admiring the view.

But today's made up for that. I'm staying near the Alamo where loads of western films are made, including surprisingly enough 'The Alamo'. But I dont' think I can be bothered to do an extra 15 miles bike ride to go and look.

Anyway I'm off to pitch my tent for the night and have something to eat.

Cheers y'all,


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