Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is Tom overdoing it a bit?

Is Tom overdoing it a bit?

He phoned today, Sunday 9th, and we were concerned to hear how he was
recovering from his superficial injuries. He seems to be keeping moving ok.
There were those 90 mile days he was going to do. Well, yesterday's helped
prevent any of the damaged limbs from stiffening up. The 90 miles was mostly
head wind and temperature of 82F and had 2500ft of climb near the end. Not
more than half a Ben Nevis, more like a Merrick. Just wait while I convert
that - add 40, multiply by 5, divide by 9, take away 40 again, and the
number is 28 degrees C. So no more snow difficulties, I guess.

The climb was the nice bit, he said, as he got to use 1st gear for once.
Tomorrow a rest day. What, a whole day off? Well no, but only 50 miles. At
that point the phone card ran out.


9th Jan 2005

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