Sunday, January 16, 2005

Half Way across America

Half Way across America
Friday 14th Jan

Thomas stopped at a roadside phone box to tell us how he was getting on.
He's at Camp Wood, couldn't find it on our map, but it means that after a
week or so of Texas has moved from West Texas into Central Texas. Camp Wood
is described as a sort of holiday resort with no visible form of fun.
Yesterday lunch time was at Del Rio - couldn't find that on our map either.

More importantly, at 1200 miles he's reached the half way point. And with
both mountain ranges crossed early in the journey, it's all downhill from
here. To counter that, the chap in the bike shop has promised a head wind
all the way to Florida. The bike shop was to replace both tyres and both
innter tubes, worn out by all this energetic cycling, up at 6am, on the road
at 7.45, off the road and tent up again at 6pm.

He's in some sort of limestone country, with water in the rivers and grass
on the hills. It's stocked with sheep, goats, ostrich and brangus. On Monday
he'll be in Austin Texas and taking a day off. Austin Texas is on our map!
And a brangus is a sort of cow - what did you think, hmm?


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