Monday, January 24, 2005

House of the Risin' Sun

Well I'm in New Orleans, and it's absolutely amazing! I never thought I'd love another city as much as Austin, but this place rocks! Great people, amazing music, fantastic food, cool architecture, drinkable beer.

I'm staying at the India House hostel, which is much better than the International Hostels because you can drink and it's much more chilled and party atmosphere. I rolled in lastnight after an absolutely foul Greyhound journey, had a shower and a shave and began to feel human again. Three guys were heading out and I joined them. Had a fantastic night of music, beer, food, fun. Bought the CD of one group - a mad fusion of jazz, swing, Eastern European and Cajun. Went to one place where everyone was doing absolutely amazing swing dancing! Discovered today that they were really professional dancers who'd come from all over the country - it was beautiful watching them, so smooth, improvised, energetic and lively.

And going out is so cool - you can just buy a beer for $1 on the street and wander in and out of different bars watching different amazing bands! I love it!

And I'm just heading off for another the same after an amazing day visiting the swamp and wandering around the beatiful mad city. We're leaving as I type, so I'll try to write more tomorrow.

See y'all!

T x

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