Thursday, January 20, 2005

More amazing days!

Not got time to write a whole lot - I'm staying at an amazing RV park in Pumpkin, Texas, where I've made friends with the son of the owner, who I've been helping with some web design. The park's amazing - has a hot tub - I spent ages in there! So sweet on my sore muscles!

Had a really amazing time in Austin! That night I ended up at the Continental club, pretty randomly. In a city with over 80 bands playing every night this turned out to be one of only 3 where you can still do swing dancing. I got chatting to a cool guy called Andy while listening to the band, and a little later his friends turned up. And I spent the evening learning to swing dance with two beautiful friendly interesting girls. And we went to another pub after that, where they had about 80 beers on draught! Ended up staying up 'til about 4.30 that night in the hostel chatting to a great English girl who was travelling in her gap year.

The riding since then's been a little tough - tired & sad to leave such a cool city as Austin - I've really fallen in love with it. But things are getting back to normal now - doing lots of 90 mile days in order to spend some time in N'Orleans and make it to the Florida coast. Lots of dogs chasing me, but none have got me yet. The drivers have been fantastic since Austin - really good at overtaking. And for all those lovely concerned friends who emailed asking how my toe was - it's fully mended!

met another guy doing the route today - going the other way - he's Scottish! He's got a website, but I don't have the address on me right now, but I'll put a link on another time.

Sorry for the rushed update, not a lot of time with the long days riding. I'll try to update properly soon. Thanksfor all the lovely emails, sorry I've not had time to reply.

Cheers for now!


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