Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sat 25th December, 8am, Oceanside, CA

It’s Christmas! And Santa’s been very good to me! Last night just after midnight a big fat guy with a white beard pulled up at Jimmy’s Parents’ house laughing merrily and dropped off a big box containing my bike and tent!

Well actually Jimmy got a call at 11pm and they dropped it off about 12. But I’m so relieved. I’ve not seen it yet, so I don’t know if it’s been damaged. So happy!

And now it’s Christmas! I got up at 7 because I was excited. And I’ve just phoned the family – it’s snowed there, and they’re just peeling the sprouts for supper. Jessie said all my old school friends were asking after me in the Buccleugh last night. And we’re just about to head over to Jimmy’s parents for Christmas breakfast.

Yesterday afternoon we took the dogs for a walk, then drove over to Jimmy’s parents to put together a cool mountain scooter that was a present for Jana’s husband Michael. Two of Jimmy’s sisters were there baking cookies (Joy and Jessica). They are so beautiful! Connie and Jim were there, and his gran. Sadly his grandpa died last year. They were all so welcoming and pleased to see me. We drove around to Michael’s parents for a meal. It was a beautiful drive – so many houses decked out with lights, inflatable santas, glowing candy canes, etc. On one street they’d lined it with white church candles – so gorgeous! The house we went to was huge and very expensively decorated. They are Mormons too, so no alcohol.

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