Saturday, January 07, 2006

7th Jan - Petchburi and some nasty news

This will be a brief entry as the internet cafe's about to close.

I had my first proper day's cycling after managing to catch the first train a little further West. The roads are basically dual carriageway, but the traffic's slow and the hard shoulder is wide. The heat hasn't been too bad, but i stopped cycling at midday because I got to my destination and wanted to see some sights.

I visited a beautiful set of limestone caves with gold buddhas, and climbed a hill with lots of monkeys.

Got an email from a guy I know from Edinburgh who's out here. He's had a horrible experience on Koh Samui - one of the resort islands a bit further south. He made friends with a couple of girls at new year, and one of them was raped and murdered. It's really difficult to understand how something that horrible can happen in such a wonderful place.

Callum's blog's at if you're interested.

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