Friday, December 30, 2005

Arrived in Hong Kong safe and, well, jetlagged

I made it to Hong Kong, and for the first time on a trip like this, both my luggage and my bike arrived too! The journey was fine. I've pretty much recovered from my post-Christmas flu. All I'm left with is an impressive chesty cough - the kind that leaves a sharp pain just above the stomach - and the occasional nose bleed. One of those nose bleeds started just as I got through customs at hong kong airport. It says a lot for the skill of whoever designed hong kong airport that I was able to manouver a trolley containing my luggage and bike with one hand, while holding a tissue to my nose like a ten year old with the other hand - I made it all the way through the airport and onto the superfast train into the city like that.

At the city train station I met my wonderful friend Nicky, who took me to her friend's appartment where I'm staying - next to the racing track, which is overlooked by rows of towerblocks scattered around the steep shrub-covered hillsides.

i'm just about to head off and meet Nicky and walk the dragon's back. But I'll try and write again later.


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