Sunday, February 13, 2005

Safely and Sadly Back From My Stateside Saddle Soreness

I'm back in Edinburgh now, back at work. But it's OK being home - I had an amazing trip. And it's nice to be sitting on a chair instead of a saddle, and having a real bed and cosy room instead of a tent!

The journey home was fine, though my bike got a bit damaged in transit, but at least it made it back!

Since then I've just been catching up on the insane amount of work that's been waiting for me. But I'm getting on top of that now, and have been catching up with all my mates in Edinburgh. The weather's not too bad for a Scottish winter - a bit damp, a bit cold, a bit windy. But when I'm not cycling I don't really care. It took a few days before I could bear to ride my bike properly - I had a meeting about 10 miles outside the city. And to be honest I didn't ride out of choice - the battery on my car's dead flat after 6 weeks of not being used, and despite Nicky's best efforts we've not been able to fix it. It was wierd riding my bike without any luggage - it felt so fast!

It's interesting comparing Edinburgh to the places I've been. I was out last night with a few friends at a Battle of the Bands (at the hellhole that is Subway Cowgate) and pretty much all the music was really heavy rock or heavy metal. One band from Livingstone had obviously bussed in all their long-haired mates for their show, so there was this crowd of about ten 18 year olds headbanging, crowd surfing and stage diving. We went to see some friends of Nicky's, who came third -

Went to see Goldie on Friday night at the Venue, which was mad. I'd never been to a drum and bass night before, but it was interesting to see someone as famous and influential as Goldie, and to get into a totally new kind of music.

Anyway, I don't want this to turn into one of those blogs that just describes my rather mundane daily life, so I'm going to stop writing about it! Over the next few weeks I'm going to type up the journal that I wrote every evening on my trip - so if you want to read my very personal thoughts then keep checking the site. I'll insert the journal entries with the dates that they were originally written on, inbetween the blog entries that I did at the time. I'll also add some of my best photos. I've got about 670 photos and I'm really struggling to narrow them down to a number that won't bore people to death. Appologies to Franca and Kerry who made the mistake of offering to look at my photos before I'd sorted them properly!

And thanks to everyone who kept in touch while I was travelling, and to all the amazing people I met on my journey who's emailed since.

Keep life interesting.


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